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Sweet Potato Bean Burgers

22 Jan


If you are a vegetarian who likes to dine out, you have surely had your fair share of bean burgers.  Although I have been known to groan when finding out a bean burger is my ONLY option on a menu, truthfully, I do love them.

What helps keep things interesting is the wide variety of bean burgers you’ll find out there if you’re looking.  Black bean burgers, quinoa bean burgers, black eyed pea burgers, spicy pepper bean burgers, curry chickpea burgers…everyone has their own spin on it.  And you can, too!

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Hurricane Burgers

29 Aug

This month, the reading assignment in our book club was “The Rum Diary,” by Hunter S. Thompson.  Charles and I were supposed to host, and since we like to serve theme menus based on the book of the month, we were planning to make burgers and rum and cokes for book club.

One hurricane and three pounds of ground beef later, we had a cancelled meeting and way too much food on our hands.  We decided to go ahead and make burgers anyway, and in the process, we got to use some of our new toys from the wedding registry!

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