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Homemade Tortillas – Endless Possibilities!

11 Jun

There are certain things that no one thinks to make homemade, like ketchup and cereal.  Bread is in this category for a lot of people.  Yeast can be scary to some, but it’s a fear I conquered!  Homemade bread is something that I got into a while ago (when I had a bigger kitchen to play and knead in) – focaccia, french, pizza, yeasted cinnamon rolls – you name it, I wanted to bake it.

In all my bread making adventures, I never once tried to make it in its simplest form – tortillas.  I just never thought of making tortillas when I could get them in dozens of varieties in the store.  And they keep forever in the fridge – so long that I can find an old forgotten tortilla in the back of a drawer in the fridge and nuke it for 10 seconds, and it’s good as new.  Is that natural?

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Brown Butter Banana Bundt

18 Jul

Alright folks! This is recipe #1 for The Fancy Apron!

Let’s begin with two things you should know about me:

1) I’m in a book club.

2) I love to play hostess.

The first book club meeting I hosted at my house, I made Aged Cheddar and Apple Scones. They were divine! Truly. The book club raved! Whew. My husband even went on to declare that they were the best thing I had ever cooked! I was on hostess cloud nine.

Needless to say, when it came time for me to host the book club again, the pressure was on. I started thinking about what I would make weeks in advance. This month, we read Ishmael, a clever novel by Daniel Quinn. If you’ve read it you know the main character is a gorilla, so…can you guess? I decided on banana as the main ingredient for this dish.

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