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Sweet Potato Bean Burgers

22 Jan


If you are a vegetarian who likes to dine out, you have surely had your fair share of bean burgers.  Although I have been known to groan when finding out a bean burger is my ONLY option on a menu, truthfully, I do love them.

What helps keep things interesting is the wide variety of bean burgers you’ll find out there if you’re looking.  Black bean burgers, quinoa bean burgers, black eyed pea burgers, spicy pepper bean burgers, curry chickpea burgers…everyone has their own spin on it.  And you can, too!

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White Bean, Artichoke, Zucchini Pizza

7 Sep

Pizza is one of my all-time favorite foods.  My love for pizza started very early in my life when my family lived in Lorain, Ohio.  Besides being the location of many fond family and childhood memories, I’ll always remember Lorain for its amazing pizza places.  Selenti’s, Olde Time, Magic Pan….pizza that we would go out to get despite negative temperatures and gusting blizzards.  Pizza that was perfectly sauced and both chewy and crispy in all the right places.  With real cheese that stretched a foot when bitten into.  Pizza that set a pretty high bar for future pizzas in my life.

When my family moved to North Carolina, we searched and searched for pizza to live up to those high standards, and failed every time.  So, since those early years in Lorain I’ve expanded my definition of good pizza, finding things to love about New York thin crust, deep dish Chicago style and the various blends of specialty and offbeat pizza places we have in Raleigh, like Lilly’s and Capital Creations.  But still, Lorain will always have a little “pizza my heart!”

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