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Evolution of the Fancy Apron

9 Dec

The Fancy Apron is back and better than ever!!

Over recent weeks/months, I’ve been trying to evolve my approach to cooking and eating in general – away from overly processed, quick fixes and empty calories to natural foods that fuel my body instead of weigh it down.  I’ve been inspired by people in my life who have taken their own steps towards a healthier lifestyle (yoga! juicing! vegan! – you know who you are).  I’ve been inspired by bloggers like Heidi at 101 Cookbooks and Emily at the Daily Garnish, both of whose recipes have me drooling and running to the kitchen!

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Coconut Chicken

8 Aug

A guest post from Betsy

Browsing around this weekend, Foco Coconut Juice caught my eye. With visions of a cold, delicious drink able to take me to the islands – white sands, clear waters and all – I eagerly made my purchase.  You see, to me, coconut juice is a nectar of the (beach) gods.

However, upon popping the top and taking my first sip, I was jolted back to reality. Coconut water is called just that, for a reason… bland, bland bland! Unable to drink it and unable to throw it out, I quickly referenced my culinary arsenal and thought, “Aha! Cook it with a protein”.

Out came the fryer chicken from my freezer and the plan was hatched.

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The Great Food Truck Debate

22 Jul

A guest post from Betsy

Over the past two years, there has been a great food truck revolution across America; dishing out some amazing, tantalizing quick serve meals to the working force that drives the country. I had been curious why this revolution had not made the sound in Raleigh that it had in Durham, so I started digging for answers.

Before we get into the whys, take a look at the current regulations on food trucks in the Raleigh area from our local Raleigh Public Record reporters.

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