How to Defrost a Wedding Cake

29 May

Friends said it couldn’t be done.  They said, “Get a back-up cake just in case…”  We heard horror stories of buttercream frosting falling off in clumps, cake that tastes like cardboard, and bone-dry cake.

Determined to eat and enjoy our wedding cake top on our one-year anniversary, I Googled methods for defrosting the cake after a year of deep freeze, and not surprisingly, I found several different “fool-proof” methods.

I personally think it’s all in how you wrap it on your wedding day.  To my bride-to-be friends, think about assigning this task to a bridesmaid or nice aunt!  Here’s what worked for us.

We didn’t think about the cake top on our wedding day or plan for saving it at all.  In fact, we had no idea that anyone had set it aside until the next day when we found it in the fridge at our wedding venue.  Surprise!!

So, faced with the prospect of eating this thing in a year, we wrapped the heck out of it in at least 3 layers of Glad Press N Seal, then in a layer of foil, then into a tupperware, then into the freezer.

Fast forward one year….

To defrost, I removed it from the tupperware, removed the foil, but left the Press N Seal in tact and moved the cake from freezer to fridge for two days.  Then, two hours before we planned to eat it, I took it out of the fridge and out of its plastic wrap and placed it on our cake stand to let it come to room temperature.

LOOKS: Ok, the decoration is a little smushed and smudged, but it’s our wedding cake!!!  The branch pattern reminds me of the invites, the wishing tree we had in lieu of a guest book, and the natural setting of our wedding day.

SMELL: Vanilla!  No funky freezer smell what-so-ever.



Sweet, creamy, sugary wedding cake.  Was it as moist as it was a year ago?  Eh…not quite.  But, come on, it was in the freezer for a year!

Was it worth saving?  Yes!  Shared with a bottle of bubbly, fond wedding memories, funny early dating memories, and first anniversary presents (it’s the “paper” anniversary!), it was perfect.  A sweet tradition, indeed!


And now…

Happy anniversary!!!  And now, since I still have a couple hours left of mine, I think I’ll go get a second slice…. 🙂


One Response to “How to Defrost a Wedding Cake”

  1. Jen Wike June 4, 2012 at 2:47 pm #

    It was delicious with a glass of white after a long day at work! Thanks for sharing!!

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