Coconut Chicken

8 Aug

A guest post from Betsy

Browsing around this weekend, Foco Coconut Juice caught my eye. With visions of a cold, delicious drink able to take me to the islands – white sands, clear waters and all – I eagerly made my purchase.  You see, to me, coconut juice is a nectar of the (beach) gods.

However, upon popping the top and taking my first sip, I was jolted back to reality. Coconut water is called just that, for a reason… bland, bland bland! Unable to drink it and unable to throw it out, I quickly referenced my culinary arsenal and thought, “Aha! Cook it with a protein”.

Out came the fryer chicken from my freezer and the plan was hatched.

First, make your basting mixture. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, while preparing the following in a pan on the stovetop. Low heat. One can of coconut juice (with bits of shaved coconut that are already in the drink), a tab of butter, a thai chili pepper (seeds and all) roughly chopped, and a tablespoon of EVOO. Let the butter melt and EVOO warm, then stir together.

Second, prepare the chicken. Take the gizzards and goozels out (great opportunity to save them for making your own stock!), then season the skin with garlic powder, kosher salt and pepper.  Put the coconut juice mixture in the bottom of the baking dish, and place the chicken in its bath.  The bottom of the chicken will be in the liquid, but the top 80% of it will not.   Next, roast the bird in the oven for about 20 minutes, letting the dry seasoning absorb into the skin. Then, it’s time to start basting. Every 15 minutes, spoon the coconut mixture over top, making sure to coat every inch that was not soaked by the bath. After an hour, I turned my oven down to 300 degrees (slow roast) and continued basting every 15 minutes, for another 45 minutes.

Grab a book!

Two important things once you remove the chicken from the oven. One, let it rest!  Two, baste it as much as you want from this point on. It just adds more flavor! Those juices will just go deeper, but DO NOT put a knife and fork to it for at least 20 minutes, otherwise, all the love will dissipate. (Post on explaining the value of letting meat rest is to come.) Exit, perfection!

I then ate half of the chicken. As a single woman, I thought “what to do with this other half of a chicken?”… CHICKEN SALAD!   Everyone has their own preferences for chicken salad, but once again, it’s reallllly hot outside, so I wanted mine to be light.  I’m not a “white meat or dark meat only” person when it comes to this type of thing.  I use all the meat.

Begin by shredding the rest of the chicken, then add:

~2 tbsp of  mayonnaise! I’m using the white and the dark meat, so the fat and oils already reduced from the chicken and it’s glorious marinade give it that extra “juice” so you don’t have to add too much extra stuff 🙂

~Course salt & pepper (to taste); remember the chicken was already seasoned while roasting, so this is your own preference!

~Lastly, to each their own! Add grapes pears, apples, walnuts, almonds, herbs… or nothing else at all*.

*A friend ordered the chicken salad sandwich at Mecca a few weeks ago, and she triple checked that there was nothing in it except the chicken and the mayo.

I love to make my chicken salad different every time – this time, for my own personal happiness, I added grapes and finely chefonaded fresh mint leaves! Enjoy!

~ Betsy


2 Responses to “Coconut Chicken”

  1. Kim Wike August 9, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

    Betsy! This sounds awesome! I haven’t bought chicken yet but they do sell local whole chickens at Whole foods. Know anywhere else I could get them?

    We need pictures for your posts!

  2. Bori August 9, 2011 at 11:57 pm #

    Great chicken idea. Love the chicken salad idea for left-overs too!

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