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Hurricane Burgers

29 Aug

This month, the reading assignment in our book club was “The Rum Diary,” by Hunter S. Thompson.  Charles and I were supposed to host, and since we like to serve theme menus based on the book of the month, we were planning to make burgers and rum and cokes for book club.

One hurricane and three pounds of ground beef later, we had a cancelled meeting and way too much food on our hands.  We decided to go ahead and make burgers anyway, and in the process, we got to use some of our new toys from the wedding registry!

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Birthday, Yoga and Gumbo

22 Aug

I recently had a birthday.  28!  This year I decided to make a couple birthday resolutions.  Now, I know that resolutions are typically meant for the New Year, but 28 is a new year for me, and why shouldn’t we always strive to be better – our best self (I think one of Oprah’s entourage coined that one.)

Birthday drinks with my entourage

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Coconut Chicken

8 Aug

A guest post from Betsy

Browsing around this weekend, Foco Coconut Juice caught my eye. With visions of a cold, delicious drink able to take me to the islands – white sands, clear waters and all – I eagerly made my purchase.  You see, to me, coconut juice is a nectar of the (beach) gods.

However, upon popping the top and taking my first sip, I was jolted back to reality. Coconut water is called just that, for a reason… bland, bland bland! Unable to drink it and unable to throw it out, I quickly referenced my culinary arsenal and thought, “Aha! Cook it with a protein”.

Out came the fryer chicken from my freezer and the plan was hatched.

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Gnocchi with Slow Roasted Tomatoes, Spinach and Goat Cheese

5 Aug

Gnocchi are fun little potato nuggets that are a cross between pasta and dumplings.  They are so versatile, so quick and easy to prepare, and yet, they can make a simple week-night dinner feel rich and fancy.

When I picked them up at the store, I really didn’t know what I was going to do with them.  But with gnocchi, you don’t really have to know upfront.  Like dried pasta or canned tomatoes or bouillon cubes – they will make their way into something eventually!

Here’s how it went down in our kitchen.

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Hasselback Sweet Pots – A Simple Lunch

2 Aug

I work from home, and one of the many perks of doing so is that I can have an honest to goodness home-cooked meal for lunch.  No soggy PB&J in a brown bag.  No frozen Lean Cuisine or can of soup, chock full of preservatives.

Real food!

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